Hi, I'm Jaspar

Growing up, I loved to move. I was an active young kid, excelling in running & football. I had a wild imagination, and loved to learn. At 10 years I fell ill with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome. Ever since then, I've been on a relentless pursuit of wellness. Being forced to become self aware at such a young age was a blessing in disguise. It's provided me with a unique perspective on the human spirit, holistic wellness, and the potential we all have to live a healthy, vibrant life. I wish to share with you all that I have learned, through training programs designed for the every day human, trying to achieve their full potential. Below is my story on living with CFS, while searching for hope and wellness. I welcome you to Humanised Training, and I'm excited to share with you the next step in your journey to better health. All the best, and I look forward to meeting you in the community.
Cheers, Jaspar
About Me

Living With CFS - Part 1

As a young child, I developed CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) and have been living with it ever since. I know what it's like to feel helpless and alone. Here is my story of hope, and human potential, and how we can all find happiness and well-being. Let's do this together.
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About Me

Living With CFS - Part 2

Carrying on from the above video, here's part 2  
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Together we succeed

Humanised Training is about hope, support, and realising what we're capable of. To live a life of health, & happiness. Together we can achieve this; with a supportive, and interactive online commmunity that is the heart & soul of what we do. Come join the team and see what we're all about

  • Geoff Wise

Have made huge gains in mobility since starting to train with Jaspar. Always challenging me in our sessions and looking to push me to new personal bests

  • Anna Ward

“When I first started with Jaspar I was a beginner to the gym and basically knew nothing about exercise. Now I feel so much more confident in myself and get excited with my progress. Thanks heaps for all you have done for me and I look forward to progressing with my fitness!”

  • Lee Reiter

Jaspar is a technique perfectionist and extremely knowledgeable. Training under his guidance made me more aware of my posture and how my body should move. After each training session, the tension in my upper back would always be relieved and I found I was waking up pain-free more often.  Working with him has greatly improved my mobility, I highly recommend Jaspar.


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