There’s a beast inside of you, waiting to be unleashed. Every time you’re out partying, out buying expensive clothes and other material items, every time you’re sitting down scrolling on your phone, every time you choose the easy path, the beast becomes frustrated. This frustration then comes out in odd ways. Frustration towards friends, family, co-workers, loved ones, frustration towards yourself, frustration towards the world, the beast does not discriminate. Every decision, every temptation, every moment of boredom, every moment of indulgence, this shapes the beast. The beast can turn on you, or the beast can be your secret weapon.   You see, the beast can be tamed, and it can be used for amazing things! When the energy is channelled in the right direction, magic happens. The beast is within you, and this beast is you, you just don’t know it yet. So how do we tame this beast? We go inwards. We sit, and we listen. We spend time in the quiet, no distractions. We write down the messages, and we plan. We spend time using the physical energy of the beast, building up our stamina and abilities. We use this to study and to learn how to be better. We use the energy of the beast to become who we want to be. The beast has always been inside of you, brimming with strength and confidence. It is the actions that feed the beast. Training hard, learning, listening, becoming. You are a BEAST; you just don’t know it yet. So, who are you becoming? Will you channel your gift, or let it turn on you? Do not wait for opportunity to come knocking, go out and earn it. Years upon years of passion and dedication is what it takes. Shortcuts are not in our vocabulary. Shortcuts are for the weak. Shortcuts eliminate growth. No matter how privileged one is, we all have our own battles. When we face them head on, we can grow. If we ignore them, we suffer. Choose to fight, choose not to give up. Choose to have hope even on the darkest days. Because we all have the ability to overcome, to be determined, to be open to change, and channel our inner power. We all struggle, but we also all have the same power within us. This power will grow with every positive action, every positive choice, every positive thought. We all have these abilities, and they will flourish if we give them attention. Everybody has this beast lurking within them, waiting to be used to its full potential. So, there’s nothing left to say but this. You are a beast, and now you know it.

Jaspar Vowden
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