Brute Force - Build Muscle & Strength With Weights


What's included?

Let's lift some ish!

Got a Barbell? Got a Dumbbell? Kettlebells anyone??? Then let's go! Time to lift some weights and learn some unique movements to tie together a well-rounded, muscle building program that will not only sculpt your physique, but also have you moving in a functional, athletic manner

Start from the basics

Learn all of the basic and fundamental lifting movements that make us uniquely human. With a variety of movement patterns and equipment used in this program, you will never get bored while becoming a well-rounded lifter with a new found confidence in your body's abilities

Built for all levels

Work your way through a multi layered program that contains not just beginner, intermediate, and advanced programs, but also multiple phases within each program so you can systematically improve upon certain exercises while also increasing the amount of weight you can lift!
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Founder of Humanised Training

Jaspar Vowden

Hi there, I'm Jaspar. I've been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2014, immersing myself in 1 on 1 training ever since. I love helping people and seeing them progress not only in the gym, but also in a holistic sense and seeing that carry over into the rest of their lives. I founded Humanised Training to connect more people and help them realise their inner potential. I'm obsessed with training, currently focusing on obstacle racing which is quite the buzz! I hope you find Humanised Training helpful, supportive, and fun! See you in the community, Cheers!

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