Human Movement Blueprint


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This program has been designed to systematically rebuild your body from the ground up; focusing on fundamental movement patterns of the Human Being. Building your foundation this way will provide the movement blueprint you need to accelerate all of your fitness goals

Foundation is KEY

Our physical foundation dictates not only our athletic potential, but also our longevity of health. By starting your journey here, you will be building a resilient, mobile, well-rounded physical structure. Upon completion of this training course, you will have a new found understanding of your physical potential and will then be able to translate this into a multitude of different training principles, however you see fit!


This program includes 5 different levels of difficulty, systematically progressing you through each level as your body adapts. This is an exciting way to see continual progress in your body's abilities, while feeling stronger and healthier than ever before! Work your way through each level, unlocking new physical abilities, and watch your body transform in front of your eyes!
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Founder of Humanised Training

Jaspar Vowden

Hi there, I'm Jaspar. I've been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2014, immersing myself in 1 on 1 training ever since. I love helping people and seeing them progress not only in the gym, but also in a holistic sense and seeing that carry over into the rest of their lives. I founded Humanised Training to connect more people and help them realise their inner potential. I'm obsessed with training, currently focusing on obstacle racing which is quite the buzz! I hope you find Humanised Training helpful, supportive, and fun! See you in the community, Cheers!

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