8 Week Body-Weight Mobility Program

No fancy equipment needed;

Just a foam roller & sports ball
This complete 8-week program is the foundation to Humanised Training. This will prepare your joints for more advanced movements in the future. By preparing your body in this way you will have a greater capacity to train with higher intensity, put on more muscle & strength, & have complete confidence in your body's abilities!
This entire program requires no prior exercise experience or fitness level
Improves total body posture, mobility, and strength for the fastest and safest results possible
Reduces injury risk by igniting areas of the body that are far too often neglected.
Transform your physique without the aches and pains!

All exercise routines are completed from start to finish in less than 25 minutes! Feel & look better from the comfort of your own home!
Lesson series

The exercise program that every BODY needs!

Unlock your body's true potential by focusing in on this 8 week foundation program. Mobility is one of the most overlooked elements to fitness & well-being, however it is simply one of the most important & necessary ways to exercise
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What is mobility?

This is when we combine flexibility & strength. Simply put, we learn how to control our body through different ranges of motion to lengthen tight areas (flexibility) while also gaining control over that area (strength)

The result? More stable joints that allow our outer extremities (arms & legs) to move safely & more efficiently.

This leads to greater strength & muscle gains because our body is now less prone to injury & also more stable so it can support heavy lifting, fast running, whatever your goals may be, mobility will enhance them.

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Jaspar Vowden

My name is Jaspar; I am a lifestyle and movement coach. I have a passion for life, movement, health, and well-being. I have trained myself in many different disciplines and have gained a well rounded perspective by doing so. I never do things by halves and always delve deep into any project I commit myself to. I have helped 1000's of people over the years in a 1 on 1 setting and have developed a wealth of knowledge that I am now ready to apply to the online world to help the masses and spread the love of self healing.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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