Run & Lift Hybrid Programs


What's included?

Enhance your current programs

This course has been designed to help you reach new running personal bests while still enjoying the resistance training from all of the strength programs found at Humanised Training. Combine any strength training program with these running programs to become your fittest, fastest, strongest self! Smashing either your 5k or 10k personal best

Hybrid Athlete

These running programs will progress you into a hybrid athlete that is both physically strong, and aerobically fit. Find new levels of fitness you never thought possible with these run lift programs!
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Founder of Humanised Training

Jaspar Vowden

Hi there, I'm Jaspar. I've been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2014, immersing myself in 1 on 1 training ever since. I love helping people and seeing them progress not only in the gym, but also in a holistic sense and seeing that carry over into the rest of their lives. I founded Humanised Training to connect more people and help them realise their inner potential. I'm obsessed with training, currently focusing on obstacle racing which is quite the buzz! I hope you find Humanised Training helpful, supportive, and fun! See you in the community, Cheers!

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