Obstacle Training - Intermediate Routine

Jaspar Vowden

Instructor/Movement Coach

Expand your potential

Move with confidence

Build your physique

Gain lean, solid muscle

This routine is the next step in your journey as you begin to truly understand what your body is capable of! Building on from the beginner routine, you now have a solid foundation to start ramping up your training & building some true strength & muscle definition! Brand new exercises to step your game up to the next level...Let's GO!!

What's included?

  • 4-day weekly routine
  • Full video tutorials
  • Downloadable program in text format
  • Supportive community

Structure, support, results

Why leave the guess work up to yourself? When you can let a professional coach provide with you with a complete structured weekly routine that delivers REAL RESULTS. Simply follow along each week & watch your body transform before your eyes!

Fun, functional, full force

These exercises are fun to perform, provide you with REAL FUNCTIONAL FITNESS, & transforms your body at the same time. Realise your true potential & enjoy yourself along the way

Equipment needed:

TRX/Suspension Trainer, Dumbbell or Kettlebell, Wall Ball or Slam Ball, Resistance Bands or Cable Machine, Swiss/Yoga Ball

Invest in a program built by a coach who walks the walk!

This is real footage of a real coach (me) who lives & breathes this stuff! As the saying goes - you wouldn't trust a skinny chef. So why would you trust a coach who doesn't love movement & exercise themselves? I have heavily invested my time & passion into learning the human body for the past 10 years, honing my craft as I've trained 100's of individuals in a 1 on 1 setting while also exploring my own potential. I have practiced many training modalities that have created a wealth of knowledge that I am ready to share with you. So let's do this, unlock your potential through a truly structured weekly routine & watch your results unveil in front of you!

Course Lessons

Meet the instructor

Jaspar Vowden

My name is Jaspar; I am a lifestyle and movement coach. I have a passion for life, movement, health, and well-being. I have trained myself in many different disciplines and have gained a well rounded perspective by doing so. I never do things by halves and always delve deep into any project I commit myself to. I have helped 1000's of people over the years in a 1 on 1 setting and have developed a wealth of knowledge that I am now ready to apply to the online world to help the masses and spread the love of self healing.
Patrick Jones - Course author
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