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Unleash Your Inner Potential

Ever wondered where your athletic potential lies? Ever wanted to run a 5k or enter an endurance race, but don't feel ready? Humanised Training has a training program just for you, to unlock all of your athletic abilities. No matter what level of fitness or strength you have, there is always an option for you. We believe that you are capable of great things, let's do this together.

The Online Fitness Academy For The Everyday Athlete 

Humanised Training is an adventure into what we are capable of. We explore the different elements of human movement, strongly supported by holistic health practices, while making it accessible to anyone. Training should be fun, it should be explorative, and it should never get stale. Become your own superhero and watch your life transform before your eyes

Tap into the power of your possibility

The Proof Is In The Pudding

They say not to trust a skinny chef, so why would you trust a coach who doesn't walk the walk? Growing up with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) I know all about the physical and mindset challenges of what we think our limitations are. I've put myself through the wringer, training like a madman and testing my training principles year after year to bring you the best possible learning experience. But don’t take my word for it, check out my video.

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“Jaspar is a technique perfectionist and extremely knowledgeable. Training under his guidance made me more aware of my posture and how my body should move. After each training session, the tension in my upper back would always be relieved and I found I was waking up pain-free more often.  Working with him has greatly improved my mobility, I highly recommend Jaspar.”
Lee Rieter

Minimum Equipment,

You Are Capable Of So Much More Than You Think

And that is what I’m here to show you. Hey, I’m Jaspar, I am the founder of Humanised Training. My dream is that Humanised Training will be a solution for people who wish to truly see what they are capable of. As a child growing up with CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome), I experienced my fair share of challenges. Thanks to my brilliant parents, I never allowed those challenges to define my life or become a limitation. I have proved to myself that anything is possible, and I know that those possibilities are also available to you. This is my story.

Train Anytime Anywhere

Humanised Training offers you a fully immersive and holistic experience like none other. 

Designed with human potential in mind, the programs will guide you from a complete beginner level with no experience, transforming your mind and body along the way. 

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Maximise your Results at Home

Each training program has been designed for home or the gym, no matter your preference or fitness level. 

No expensive or complicated machines are needed.

We strip it down to the bare necessities for maximum results.

Systematic Approach to Movement

Humanised Training is founded on the principles of human movement and holistic longevity of health.

The training programs will teach you the fundamental movement patterns that make up our unique anatomy and physiology. 

Combining the core elements of movement training into a systematic approach that takes you from a complete beginner level right through to realising your full human potential. 

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It Doesn’t Stop There

Once you progress from the Foundational Training, you can then branch out and level up however you see fit.

Each program is fully guided and customisable, all taught through instructional video tutorials. 

Whether you want to run longer, lift heavier, move better, or do it all, You can choose which kind of superhero you want to become. 

“When I first started with Jaspar I was a beginner to the gym and basically knew nothing about exercise. Now I feel so much more confident in myself and get excited with my progress. Thanks heaps for all you have done for me and I look forward to progressing with my fitness!”

anna ward

Humanised Training has been designed so people can connect with one another through a community based private forum, to support one another and have a good old conversation, all while enjoying the progress they will find in their training programs.  

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Founder of Humanised Training

Jaspar Vowden

Hi there, I'm Jaspar. I've been a qualified Personal Trainer since 2014, immersing myself in 1 on 1 training ever since. I love helping people and seeing them progress not only in the gym, but also in a holistic sense and seeing that carry over into the rest of their lives. I founded Humanised Training to connect more people and help them realise their inner potential. I'm obsessed with training, currently focusing on obstacle racing which is quite the buzz! I hope you find Humanised Training helpful, supportive, and fun! See you in the community, Cheers!

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